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Client Download (Version 3000)

TQ Digital Entertainment warmly welcomes all pilots!

To embark upon your own galactic adventure into the world of Zero simply Download and install the Zero Game Client!

Various units await your command, and a myriad of MECHs are waiting for you to pilot through the universe!

High Speed Download (Recommended) Size:1.09G

We recommend you to use official high speed download, it will save more time:




If you have problem downloading the game, you can request for a Free disc ship to you by clicking here

ZO Downloader(Official)
This requires a BT download manager. Download using BitComet" is recommended.
Use our special ZO downloader to get the full client in a fast and easy way! Quick Resume and Auto File Integrity Check supported.

Zero Seed 1 (Official)

Zero Seed 2 (Official)

Zero Seed 3 (Official)

ZO Downloader[1](Official)

ZO Downloader[2](Official)

ZO Downloader[3](Official)


What are the requirements for playing Zero?
1. Your PC must meet the minimum system requirements.
2. If you already have a CO/EO account, you can use this account to start playing by simply creating a character in Zero.

If you have problems downloading/installing the client.
Please report problems in the forum or send an email to zo_gm#playcomet.com.
You can also request a free disc send to you by clicking here.

Can I resume an interrupted download?
Sure. To do this, download BitComet which will also make your download much faster.

What if I have difficulties with my log in screen?
Please install Flash Player 7.0 and DirectX9.0